ABOUT  Daniel

When I was young, I would always draw to escape, but as I got older the less I did this. In 2017 I was admitted to hospital. I was feeling very isolated and disconnected. I would sit in the art room because it was quiet. I began to try to express how I felt on paper, and I would show others to see if they could feel what I was trying to express… some got it and others didn’t. I would then start drawing faces in an expressive way and more people started to appreciate my drawings. I heard words such as ‘pain’, ‘despair’ and ‘powerful’. It made me feel less alone, I felt understood. 

When I moved into Supported Independent Living, I did not have much supplies. I was itching to do a large portrait, but the only large surface I had was a cardboard box. At first I thought it was a horrible surface to draw on because of all the corrugated grooves, but after finishing it, I really liked how those grooves and imperfections looked. It gave the piece a good feeling. I also enjoyed the fact that it was not a flat surface, that there was another dimension I could draw on. I also like the presence the boxes have in a room. It’s more than just a flat canvas on a wall.